Private Property lyrics

Judas Priest

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You think you're cool and got it all,
You think you run the scene
I don't believe how you'd concieve
That your good enough for me
You think you've got it all sewn up
But I'll cut you right down to size
The way I figure you don't exist
So you'd better realize.

Don't you touch, don't get near
Don't take me for a fool
Make no mistake. no give and take
I'm too good for you.

So keep your hands off, private property
Hands off. oh oh
Keep your hands off private property
Hands off me. hands off. keep your hands off me

I'm number one when I turn it on
Do you think you can relate
You'd be amazed, left in a daze
To see me operate.

You live in a fantasy. I don't even care.
If you're lookin' for sympathy. it ain't there

Hands off, keep your dirty hands off me.

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