Visions lyrics

Judas Priest

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Anvils ignite
Once again
I watch them dance around the plain

Sparks start to fly

I can't speak
From seeing answers that I seek

Shapes start to form
As I stare
The shadows taunt as if to dare

Ghostly embrace takes my heart
Now I surrender and it starts

Visions in the night
Show me what is right
Help me through the maze
...of mystery
I would sell my soul
If only I could know
What the future holds
And what will be
Slowly my hand (my hand)
Turns the page (the page)
It never ceases to amaze

Fill me with hope (with hope)
If you can (fill me with hope)
I will become a better man


Visions come
Into my mind
Foretell the future
Of mankind

Only time will prove that I'm right
Will my words come true (will my words come true)
I can't deny the gift of foresight (I can't deny)
There's nothing I can do

[Chorus 2x]

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