The Answer Is Yes lyrics

Javier Colon

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Hello, are you still there?
This long silence is more than I can bear
I know since we ain't got much to say
But can you try to hear me out anyway?

The space between us just keeps on growing
We both know where we've been but that ain't where we're going
I can see it in your eyes, girl that you're wondering
Will our love still stand the test

The answer is yes, yes, yes
The answer is yes, yes, yes

(Oh God, you're picking up)
There's so much static between the two of us, yeah
You say I'm tripping, I say you've changed
Maybe we both need to stop playing these silly games

We gotta open up and tell the truth
Just be real with me I promise I'll be real with you
If you're still wondering if I'll be there when you need me, girl
You'll never have to guess

The answer is yes, yes, yes
The answer is yes, yes, yes

Will I hear you call?
Catch you when you fall?
The answer is yes
Will I always care?
Will I still be there?

I can write a thousand songs for you
I'd still be sure the one or two
As the years go on
My love stays strong
Will I be there to give you my best?

(Yes, yes, yes)
The answer is yes, yes, yes

Will I still be the one
When is all said and done?
Will my love for you stay strong?

Will we stand the test
Till our very last breath?
Will I be there as the years go on?
Yes, yes, yes, oh yes

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