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FYB, Rich Gang
Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo
Yeah you're all welcome to come in
Look, I go by the name Jermaine Dupri, right (the young boss)
Sauce recognize sauce
Jacquees, he got somethin' he wanna say
The life

I know, I'll show you, you know too, what to do (big lifestyle, boss)
You ain't mine, I'ma side
You gon' cry, I ain't got time
She think, we go together
I think she should know better (girl you know better)
Said she wanna smoke with me
Said she wanna roll my weed (let's go Quee)
Roll up shawty, hey
I know that you should be (no cap, lets get em')
She goin' live (take em all home boy) (said she goin' live)
Shawty goin' live (to the big house, ya heard)
Comin' through tonight (all foreigns)
Put it in your phone, 4275 (paper plates, 200 in each pocket)
4275, Lil mama come and fly (4275, ice drippin', they everywhere, bitches all over, ya heard me, that rich nigga lifestyle)
She like, "Where I park my ride?" Outside
She gon' pull up for me (pull up, all foreign)
She gon' pull up for me (pull up, simple)
She gon' pull up, pull up
She gon' pull up, pull up (poppin' over here boy, yeah shawty we poppin')
She gon' pull up for me (huh, bend them niggas)
Show love to the T, yeah (boss up, Quee)
I know she coming like (yeah), put it in your phone, 4275 (yeah)
Wesley Hall Dr, right here in Decatur, where it's better, 4275
Oh yeah, oh yeah, come round here, we change ya life
And if you slippin' up, you best believe we'll take your wife (let's get it)
I'm posted on the east
They don't wanna smoke with me
Baby face to you freaks, Pretty Ricky in the sheets
12 Play on repeat, yeah, 12 Play on repeat
Shawty, I'm just tryna catch a vibe, my mans gon' let you in the side
4275, lil' shawty going' live
In between her thighs, she be on my mind (yeah)
Don't let me, I'ma try (Ten karats)
4275, they know I do it for my side, for my side (350, boss up, yeah)
They know I do it for my side, my side, oh yeah (East side nigga, I said shawty if you gon' ride anyway, anyway you need to be on, show her shit she ain't never seen before)
Ooh, yeah, yeah, yeah, ooh (it's that vibe, my nigga Jacquees, and me We roll with street runners. Yeah y'all know what this is)

Cash Money
FYB, Rich Gang
Yo turn Quee, Boss up
Big money shit, simple

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