Hey Doll Baby lyrics

Everly Brothers

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(Spoken: C sharp)

Hey doll baby, can we have a little talk together
I wanna tell you all about my troubles
What you've been doin' since your man's been gone
Show me how you feel since your man's back home
Hey doll baby, listen to me

Hey doll baby, there's a coat hangin' in my closet
Can't you remember when I bought it?
Tell me that your brother was here today
Don't wanna take it no other way
Hey doll baby, listen to me

Well I was the man that made you
That's why I'll never dread you
You walk around nude, lookin' so fine
Just about makes me lose my mind

Hey doll baby, make up your mind for love's sake
and we've got no time for mystics
I'm gonna roll back the rug and let up the door
Ain't gonna leave you never no more
Hey doll baby, listen to me

Hey doll baby, hey doll baby
Hey doll baby, listen to me

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