Manipulation lyrics

Emilie Autumn

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The time for your escape
Has come and gone
What kept you here
Save your own curious mind?
You say you’ve seen too much
And yet look on
Where chaster souls would run
You glance behind
Have you no ministering angels
To consult?
I have no power to decide your fate
The choice was yours
But therein lies the fault:
What good is choice
When choice is made too late?
What good is virtue
But a thing to lose?
What good are all the saintly attributes?
We wear them on and off
Whene’er we choose
To correspond with fashion
End disputes
If you should think to speak
Say but a word
And weigh it well
No explanation give
To those who haven’t asked.
What has occured
Is nothing more than reciprocative
Events without a price
Nor penalty
You’ve nothing lost
That I can say I’ve gained
You’ve acted out your part
And for my part
I hope I’ve entertained

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