The One (Poem) lyrics

Emilie Autumn

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Who danced with me before now
Who joined me at the ship's bow
Who held my frightened form still
And now you say that you will
But in the years behind me
Who ever cared to find me
Who stayed me when the tears ran
And now you say that you can
Forgive my sad suspicion
But hear my admonition
None yet have hoped for rescue
And now you say that you do
Oh how I've wished past caring
That one might be so daring
And sail me to the next star
I almost think you are
SpaceWe look to the sky
Diamonds swimming in squid's ink
Tilting back our heads
Until we cannot close our mouths
We try to count but lose our place
And shiverNot because it is cold
But because we are afraid of falling

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