Homesick Sonnets (Poem) lyrics

Emilie Autumn

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Sonnet I
In times of warmth when love and comfort dear
Have cast their blindless light upon my star,
How is it that I wish to disappear
And find myself again back where you are?
Is it that home is only home with you?
And how then did you earn your house that name
When judged by years it's relatively new?
My home is not my home here just the same.
And so I will be happy as I must
Although without you sugar tastes as dust.

Sonnet II
What sweetened torture I endure each day
When hour after hour passes by
And still I feel so very far away
From that which I desire - yes, thee and I
Yet rosey is my sadness, for ere now,
I never had pined after someone's touch
Nor eyes, nor lips, nor hands, nor raven brow
And here I am missing almost too much.
My paradox is that I weep at this
While being glad I have a love to miss.

Sonnet III
Heartsick I have been this long, long day
Heavy is my disposition, yet
I smile and try my best to hide away
The pain, the life, the love I can't forget
Sorry am I for the ones I fool
They ask for nothing save my company
And yet I cannot seem to break the rule
That sayeth once I love twice bound I'll be
Alas, I often slip and to them show
That far away my heart desires to go.

Sonnet IV
It seems only a moment past
I listened to the dulcet tone
Of thy too far off voice at last
But now I find myself alone
Yet, my eyes closed, I am not so
For underneath my fingertips
I feel your flesh, caressing slow,
And hold thy tongue between my lips
Past caring how forlorn it seems
I'll sleep to meet you in my dreams.

Sonnet V
A cold wind ravages my mind
As though I were a blade of grass
Which, rained upon, has been made blind
And waits now for the storm to pass
But, strange, the closer cometh I
To travel's end and your embrace
The darker seems to go the sky
The further off seemeth your face
'Tis trying, when in pain, to rhyme
'Tis harder still to measure Time.

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