If You Were My Girl lyrics

Emerson Drive

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I watch the way he looks at you
He don't see you like I do
I never speak the words I long to say
He don't know what he's got
Is everything I'll ever want
I can't keep this inside one more day

If you were my girl, my feet would never touch the ground
If you were my girl, my heart would shout your name out loud
I could conquer the world if you were my girl

You're the prayer when I'm on my knees
The oxygen that lets me breathe
The flame that burns inside me all the time
You're every note of a beautiful melody
A perfect rhyme of poetry
Baby, you are everything but mine


Baby I swear the flame will burn eternally
So keep your eyes open and jump right in
You will see what you need is me
If you were my girl...

Oh, I never want to see you cry
You're with him and I don't know why
What a different world
If you were my girl
I could conquer the world
IF you were my girl

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