I Shot Bela Lugosi In The Dead lyrics

Echos Myron

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i shot a hole in bela lugosi's bed
when the space needle touched down
and krt cobain was dead

and he was standing in his kitchen
and the queen was naked in her head
and all the trumpets were screaming
and she was underground dreaming
about the poor and the sick and unfed
who were scratchin at her skull
who were wishin they were undead

well i wanna write a song that'll make me live forever
and my face'll be on billboards and commercials
and tattooed on the severed
hand that i'll shake, and i'll be paid to make
all your pretty little lullabies
and then i'll never die, i'll never die
then i'll never die, i'll never die

but the kids won't be full
they're gonna spoon-feed me to 'em
and they'll shoot me up like they did with john lennon
you don't believe me? well, i knew him
and he was made from wax and broken eight-tracks
and he was drunk off the sand that filled in the cracks
in his nose, but nobody knows

that i shot bela lugosi in the head
and the stuff that came out was mostly
blood and guts, but some of it was dust
and he's standing in the doorway but he's not about to rust
cause the sky is raining oil
for some washed up drunken girl
and her dead parade is comin' down from above
and they're wishing they were in love
with someone other than themselves
but the gears won't turn in his head
and bela ain't sure that he's dead
but he is, and peter murphy wrote a song about it
and i would too, but i'm done writing songs
i'm just gonna end it where it belongs
(on the shelves)

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