Let's Dance lyrics

Del Shannon

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I'm sick and tired of being tied down
And it's good to see this old place
Seems like a hundred years or more
Since I've seen a different face
Well, it wouldn't be so bad
If she'd leave me alone
But she's never satisfied at all
So I packed up my guitar
And threw it in the trunk
Gonna have myself a ball
Let's dance, let's dance, let's dance all night long
I don't care if I ever get home
Just keep playing those good old songs
Let's dance, let's dance, pass the the bottle around
Let's bring up the sun when the morning comes
Let's dance all night long
Well, it wasn't long ago that I settled down
To a life I thought was fine
But all her friends and relatives slowly changed my mind
I'd rather be free and single any old day
Than to sit at home and dry her tears
It's so good to see you all
I'm glad that you're all here
[Repeat chorus]

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