Hey, Little Girl lyrics

Del Shannon

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Last night I walked through the streets of my town.
I saw the shadow of a girl I had known.
And through the shadows I could see many tears,
And so I walked up and I said,
´Hey, little girl,
Let me fix your broken heart.
I´ll replace each broken part that´s gone.
Because I know I could try,
Hey, little girl, my heart´s been broken too.´
´Do you remember last September
When I met you at a dance?
You were with a guy named Joe
And all at once he said you had to go.
I never even caught your name!´
´Hey, little girl,
I´ve been searching everywhere,
Here, there, everywhere for you
Because I have cried for you
Hey, little girl, I´m so in love with you!´
´Hey, little girl,
I can see that he was mean.
He shattered all the dreams you had.
So come with me and see
Hey, little girl, I´ll make all your dreams come true!
Come, little girl, I´ll make all your dreams come true!´

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