Rambozo The Clown lyrics

Dead Kennedys

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Got a deadly toy
To brainwash your boy

An egocentric muscle thug
Kicks butt on screen like a brat outa hell
Bullshitter in the indochina shop
Pull the string in his back, we win the war

That we never should have started at all

A cabbage patch terrorist to call our own
Who rewrites history with a machine gun
Don't think about itkill it
That's what we teach your child

Rambozo the clown
To draft age kids
It sure looks like fun
Kill 'em all
And let God sort 'em out.
Like video gamesno mess
Just fuel for a mass lapse of common sense
You can be don quixote
We'll dice you with our windmill blades

Brawn over brain
Means a happy ending
G.i. joe in the cereal bowl
Grey shrapnel-flavored chewing gum
Mass murder ain't just painless
Now we've made it cute

Rambozo the clown
War is sexy
War is fun
Iron ego
Red dawn
Be a wolverine. you'll rule the hills
Just get some guns and cheerios
Any kid can conquer libya
Just steal a fighter plane

Look who came home in a wheelchair
V.a. hospital, they don't care
We're the machine
You're just a tool.
Who fell for the myth of rambozo the clown

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