We're Just Kids lyrics

Dave Days

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I'm a mess
I'm a wreck
Worked hard to be
Had enough
Screwed it up
But the blame on me
Doors locked left the light on in my bedroom
I won't be home tonight

Oh they tried to tell me (wrote it all out)
Their words went through me (fell the ground)
I must have missed the message (won't let it go)
And fell overboard

I fucked up but won't stop now
We will become the greats of the worst mistakes
Won't fail to let you down
We've got plenty of time to figure it out
We're just Kids

Hardly care
Know that it'll work out
Wasted time
Far behind
Got my head in the clouds
I feel on top of the world and I'm not looking down


Waiting for the answers
Holding on to hope
Running out of chances
Won't let it go Won't let it go
Won't let it go Won't let it go

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