What If I Kissed You Now lyrics


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So here we are
Trying to talk some sense into our hearts
This can't be love
We're best of friends, and that should be enough
But If that's true
Tell me why I'm holding on to you
Like I'd never let you go

What if I kissed you now
And turned it all around
What if I kissed you now
And stars fell to the ground?
Would I be losing you, if I do, or would you want me too?
What if I kissed you now
What if I do?

What's going on?
Someone's gone and changed our special song
They dimmed the lights
See them shine, like planets in our eyes
Here it comes
All that I've been missing for so long
I (could) never let you go

Oh, did I leave it for too long?
Has the moment that I've dreamed of come and gone?
Time will tell, but I know this much is true
I don't want to dream of anyone but you

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