She´s Better Than Me lyrics


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I need to catch my breath
I think I´ll step outside
When she comes down the stairs
I feel so sick inside
Wondering if shell ever look this way again
I blend into the furniture
That´s all I am to her
And every time she looks at me I trick myself
Into thinking we could be
Smoething bigger than the both of us
But we can´t
Cause she´s better than me
I´d have given up both my arms and
Legs that day
Just to have one stroke of good fortune
Come into play
I was just believing in myself again,
And then I showed up at her door
What did I do that for
I´d like to think that just because she doesn´t like
What I have to offer
Doesn´t mean that she doesn´t like me
But it does
Cause she´s better than me
Every day is the same, out of sight, out of mind
Another slap in the face might help me decide
Should I open a vein, or look again through the blinds
To catch another glimpse of her and her

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