Sermon On Mars lyrics


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Place yourself in a situation
Like the one I´ve just described
A dose of artificial stimulation
Nothing left untried
Minimal is optimal
Keep your sticky fingers off the dial
Manipulation; desintegration
Nation is denail
It´s all a matter of life and death
So save your breath for the Wednesday morning
Sermon on Mars
Circus of the Stars
Painting all the roses red
Lest the Queen rips off your head
Look before you leap
Dancing in your sleep
Earth to Mars, the earth is dead
Just do what the preacher said
The country smells like a day in hell
When it´s frozen stiff in time
And the city reeks out of control freaks
And the corpses left behind
Does anybody wanna get wasted now that it´s
Legal and hassle free
Love monkey, attention junkie
Come and stay with me

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