In One Ear lyrics

Cage The Elephant

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They say we ain't got the style
We ain't got the class
We ain't got the tunes that's
Gonna put us on the map
And I'm a phony in disguise
Trin' to make the radio
I'm an anti-social anarchist
I sound like so and so

They say I'm juste a stupid kid
Another crazy radical
Rock'n'roll is dead
I probably should have stayed in school
Another generation X
Who somehow slipped up through the cracks
Oh they'd love to see me fall
But I'm already on my back

So it goes in one ear and right out the other
People talking but you know I never bother
It goes in one ear and right out the other
People talking, they can kiss the back of my hand

Now I know I'm not a saint
I've been a sinner all my life
I ain't tryin' to hide my flaws
I'd rather keep them in the light
They want to criticize, scrutinize
Cast another stone
Burn me at the stake
And sit and watch it from their throne

They say the devil is my pal
I do alot of drugs
The crowd will only like me
If they're really drunk
They think they know the least
If they'd listen to the words
They'd find a message tucked beneath


Here's the moral to the story
We don't do it for the glory
We don't do it for the money
We don't do it for the fame
So all the critics who despise us
Go ahead and criticize us
It's your tyranny that drives us
Adds the fire to our flames

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