Right Now lyrics


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(feat. Pimp C, 2Pac, Trey Songz)

[Pimp C]
UHH, she got the whole, world, in her jaws
when she feel it tighten up, don't stop and don't pause
I got the whole, game, in my head
Don't fuck for recreation but I'm good in the bed (good in the bed)
Tony Snow, I keep big blow (blow!)
My homeboy gal wanna fuck me on the low (low!)
But I don't wanna 'less she goin out on the grind
Check-in with the choosin fee and I'ma knock her from be-hiiiind (knock her from be-hiiiind)
I make a bitch bleed to black
wit a certified knot and a platinum cock
The pimpin didn't stop, even when the bids died
We just kept on gettin high, puttin dick up in they eye
Dick up in they ears (ears), dick up in they nose (nose)
Ass, pussy, mouth, I'm fin' ta fuck in every hole (hole)
Put it between they titties and between they toes
That's how a gushy gush out when ya bitch get chose

[Chorus: Trey Songz]
You know, and I know, we need to geeeeeet riiiiiiight
I'ma call you, and i'm comin through after miiiiiid-niiiiight
So be ready, to get sweaty, speed up or sloooooow dooooown
You want it, get up on it, it's 'bout to goooooo dooooown right now

Eternally thug nigga, Hilfiger made by Tommy
So when I speak, hope to reach my boricua mamis
Oh, come to papi, I love it when it's wet and sloppy
In and out the mouthpiece until I cum, no one can stop me
My bump and grind'll do ya everytime
Come get a blast of this thug passion that'll blow your mind - hey!
Throw up yo' legs, wrap them shits around my back
It's a Westside thang fuckin hoes around the map
Walkin down 125 while I'm peepin down hotties
and they, seduce my jimmy, out and screamin, "Gimme body!"
Make 'em all scream my name out, gimme my props
And don't cha, love how this THUG nigga, be at the cot
I'm at the Rican Parade, I'm watchin caramel bitches play
Get with real niggaz, bullshit'll never get you paid
This is the DREAM of a young black teen
I fiend for hoes cross country like a greedy crack fiend, now c'mon!

[Chorus w/ Songz ad-lib]

[Bun B]
Look here shawty, lemme tell you what the game is (game is)
And while I'm at it, lemme tell you what my name is (What?)
Bun Beeda, big D up in my drawls
When I pull out my piece, it make the girls all pause
Y'allz, niggaz, better recognize
when ya bitch choose me, shouldn't come as a surprise (nope)
Knew she was a freak, I could see it in her eyes (yep)
And I'ma bring it out her when I get between her thighs
God-damn~! That's what you call a home-run
I knock it out the park when I give her a long one (a long one)
It's on, I'm ready, it's strong, it's steady
First I'ma, give it some bacon and beat up the belly
When the sheets start shippin and the bed starts rockin
and the headboard's bangin, playa don't come knockin
It's a grown folks party, we don't need no kids
and I ain't tryna blow you up, but gurl yo' pussy the sheeeeit!

[Chorus w/ Songz ad-libs]

[Trey Songz - Outro]
Bun Beeda, Pimp C, 2Pac and me
S-O, N-G, Z
Bun Beeda, Pimp C, 2Pac and me
S-O, N-G, Z

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