Weekend Interlude lyrics


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It's the weekend!
Woo! It be that same club, same time
We party on that club same old, same old at night
Doors open at 10, late to get in free til' 1 AM
(I wanna go!)
(Me too!)
'Cause if you don't show up **** won't either
It's the weekend!
You don't need that change
The DJ, same club, same time
You already know I'ma be at that club
Same old, same old
Playing that same old, same old
Looking at you looking at me
Dressed in that same old same old shi*
Virgo Season!
It's the weekend!
Ah man, stop the music
How about you do something else with your weekend?
But if not I'ma be at club, still the same but it used to be
Same old, same old but they shot that **** up, mad weekend
It's the weekend!
This, miss, is sponsored by
Remember when Dre ate Friday, Saturday, Sunday
But would've done on Monday but you had to go to work?
Don't worry about it, come on down here
And watch this barbecue twerk
What's in this sauce?
RibMac, barbecue so strong it blow out your back
Oh hell naw!

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