Classic Interlude lyrics


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Guy: Woo, check out this thing today
14 tracks, it's a classic
SANT: What, so?
Guy: It got 14 skits
SANT: How the fuck he got 14 skits and 14 tracks nigga?
Guy: I don't know, it's a classic
Guy: Listen to me
SANT: What? I'm listenin'
Guy: Listen to me
SANT: I'm listenin'
Guy: If the hood jam to it, what is it? it's a classic
SANT: Bruh, you live in the cul-de-sac
Guy: Shit, at least I got a driveway
SANT: So, what?
Guy: Classic, that nigga got a barcode
Guy: It's a classic. Hate don't look good on it. It's a classic
SANT: How I'm hating?
Guy: Shit, how you not? It's a classic. Cuz', how many times I'm gon keep saying?
SANT: What?
Guy: It's a classic
SANT: Can't be bruh! Why, how is it a classic if you ain't listening to it yet
Guy: Why is you yelling when I'm telling you this thing a classic?
SANT: I ain't yellling. I'm saying, look you ain't listened to it yet
Guy: I ain't gon argue about nuthin', but..
SANT: What?
Guy: I'm bout to leave. You a angry muthafucka
SANT: I ain't hating and you ain't heard it!
Guy: and it's a classic
SANT: Bullshit
Woman: Aye, you heard that new **beep** album?
SANT: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I heard that shit, it's a classic right?
Woman: Nah, I'm not fucking with it. That shit was wack
Guy: You know what you right. That shit is wack

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