Somedayz lyrics


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Somedayz I'm in the streets, Somedayz I can't sleep, Somedayz I don't eat, My girl trippin on this rap shit like it ain't happenin, Somedayz I want to, but don't cheat.
Somedayz I'm like come through, Somedayz I don't trust you, Somedayz I don't hustle, You had a good day, and now you type boojay, Somedayz I'm like Fuck You.
Somedayz it's alright, Somedayz it was so nice, Somedayz it was long nights, cause somebody called my phone and they didn't say nothin. Somedayz it was all fight.
But Somedayz I was trippin, Somedayz I didn't listen, Somedayz I went missin, when you needed more than you ever ever needed me, hope some day you forgive me.
Somedayz I act cool, Somedayz I'm that dude, Somedayz I don't choose, Between working all night in the studio, with the groupie hoes, Somedayz it's just you.
Somedayz I feel pain, Somedayz I like rain, Somedayz I hate fame, when a deal come around and the checks don't bounce, I'm scared Someday I might change.
Someday you might tease, Somedayz I won't see, Somedayz you throw keys, to the house that I bought, cause I thought it'd make you happy, Someday you might leave.
Somedayz I'm a healer, Somedayz I'm a dealer, Somedayz I'm a killer, White woman lock her doors when I pass by, Damn, Somedayz I'm a nigga.
Somedayz you my homie, Somedayz you seem phony, Somedayz you don't know me, claim you down for the cause and you ride for ya dogs, Somedayz you don't show.
Somedayz I'm broke, Somedayz I have hope, Somedayz I can't cope, When the stress come around, I pour up some brown, Somedayz it's just smoke.
Somedayz I ain't safe, Somedayz I'm gonna pay, Somedayz I just pray, Will I go to heaven or hell, only god knows, Somedayz I can't say.
Somedayz I might lie, Somedayz I don't try, Somedayz I might cry, When I'm on my sick bed and my dayz drawin short, Damn, Someday I'm gonna die... Somedayz...

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