I Will Carry lyrics

Big Head Todd And The Monsters

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I know I might have let you down
I know it's hard to turn around
But you can't take one look at me
Before you leave me dyin'
I know I might have done you wrong
I might have taken all and left you none
But you blame me for living
Honey nothin' lives forever.
I will carry you.
Can you trust can you believe
Life ain't what it made me to be
I'm just a little shaken up
I'm just a little lonely,
When you walk when you can't sleep
'Cause life gets hard, things get bleak
Just because you come my way knockin'
Baby I ain't goin' nowhere.
I will carry you.
I dreamed once of different streets
A better place for you and me
We were laughing and talkin'
Sunlight filled the room.
Now when I look behind your eyes
No my dream it ain't a lie.
Or some story that we heard.
When no one else was listening.
I will carry you.

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