Fortune Teller lyrics

Big Head Todd And The Monsters

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Rappers, troubadours sneaking in the back doorCrazy fortune teller drinking on the kitchen floorAll night

Racing down Division at a hundred and threeHer singing it was rapture, it was ecstasy

Oh yeah

Madam Lisa of the stars
Messenger of Hope
Yeah, she was the messenger of

Guiding light and lovin' inspiration
She could break you down with sheer imagination
Oh yeah now
Her old man was so cruel and vicious
One day he went too far and lord, he got his

Madam Lisa of the stars
Messenger of Hope
Messenger of Love
Shine your light on

Makin' love in the setting sun
She's looking at me like I am the one
Wild and free but with nowhere to run
Shine your light on
The trapped, the broken, the innocent ones
Baby we were over before we'd begun
I'll be running for you till my freedom comes
Freedom comes

Shine on, Shine on...

When she pulled the trigger
I could hear it ring out for miles and miles
From the circus where we grew up
Your head turned to me
I was caught up in the light
Shaken by the sound
The confession in her eyes
From when we met
And I was sentenced for life
I know we will never forget

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