Outro lyrics

Beyonce Knowles

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I'm wishing.
I'm wishing.
On a star.

I'm wishing on a star.
To follow where you are.
I'm wishing on a dream.
To follow what it mean.
And I'm wishing on the rainbows that I see.
I'm wishing on the people who really dream.
And I'm wishing on tomorrow rains never comes.
And I'm wishing on the other things we never done.

I never thought I'd see the time when you would be.
So far away from home.
So far away from me.
Just think of all the moments that we spent.
I just can't let you go from me, we were meant.
I didn't mean to hurt you, but I know.
In the game of love, you reap what you sow.
( So-o-o-o-w)

I feel it's time we should make up baby.
I feel it's time

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