My Beautiful Woman lyrics

Backstreet Boys

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How can I begin to
Tell you what you to do
Me every time I hear ya
More willing to wanna see ya
I know that there's no use in
Tryin' to explain the confusion
But still I'm not complainin'
'Bout my situation
Let's not talk about a possible ending
The very first time that I
Was lookin' to be your fella
I found my inspiration
Hidin' in your expression
And so I put myself forward
For your consideration
Let's not talk about a
Possible ending
Let's not think about it every day
And I know
I'm so
In love
With you
I'm finding it harder and harder to breath
Every time I'm here
My beautiful woman
And so I put the top down
To take you drivin' downtown
I guess we'll know just what to do
When you're lookin' to fool around
It's too late to stop me
I know we're gonna get down
My beautiful woman (3 mal)
B is for beautiful
as the sunshine
E tells me everything
is feelin' alright
A goes to you and me
swingin' it down
T is two
I want you
You've got me actin' like a fool
CHORUS (2 mal)

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