New England Royalty lyrics


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My legacy can't be beat cause my victories outshine every defeat
I used to blow dough for clothes now I'm reachin' the peak
Of tax write-offs cashin' in sneaker receipts

I'm a creature from the deep got freaks that'll creep
Drop knowledge in raps but most people are sheep

Grim reaper to beats, I put speakers to sleep
The way I speak muthafuckers won't sleep for a week
Insomniacs like a Saudi soldier sittin' on third shift
Words lift objects and make the whole earth shift
Was birthed with a gift when these earthlings riff
I'm like Galactus, comic nerds catch my drift
I'm spectacular, time traveler from the old days
I'll blow the power grid and put us back in the Stone Age
A million clones were made from flows I made
Leave more skulls displayed than the Bones Brigade
I disintegrate brains leavin' domes decayed
Military robotic dogs and drones invade
The homes they raid are combed and opposers slayed
Folks enslaved for info the hopeless trade
I'm from where the average'll get ripped up and ravaged
Even a crazed savage prays for safe passage
Somebody call the ambulance
I keep a gun in my jeans, and call 'em hammer pants
Use a sledgehammer for ants so cancel ya plans
You'll have a better chance with cancer implanted in ya glands
I'll tackle and stab up a woolly mammoth
Skin 'em and stretch the pelt for belts
And fresh canvas write raps and manage
To pull off the outlandish
I'm tryin' to figure how to exist without planets
God in training, God I'm amazing
A God who's gazing through telescopes and raising
Life forms and worlds of beings who look to the sky
And pray to the A-P-A-T-H-Y
As far as rap, I tap into the hearts of millions
Got it locked like wi-fi in apartment buildings
I'm so resilient, y'all are so reptilian
Bunch of snakes and villains
You're a waste of billions of molecules
I'm volatile, video tapin' women with hands taped
Even though you can't rape the willin'

I was considered a jabberwocky before them suckers were dancin'
Imagine enhancing the insanity of Charles Manson
A fast learner who studied the madness of mass murderers
It's like you passed a burner to someone with Aspergers
I'm back with a bag of the baddest automatic macs with the mags
Massive as a mastodon tusk to bust crabs
Ya flags get burned, turn 'em into dust in a urn
Y'all don't know when to keep ya mouth shut, but trust me you'll learn
You're about as gully as Fern Gully buddy
So I'ma leave ya body bloody
Stab ya stunt double, injure ya under study
Understand me? I'm like the step father up in ya family
Fuck ya mother, eat ya food and I'm rude and ya can't stand me
And ya momma should'a opted for "Plan B"
I paint vivid images I'm a mutant not a human like Stan Lee
Official pistol packin' pussy poppin' Posse poppin'
More flashes than paparazzi or Miley poppin' an Oxy
I'm body rockin' like Rocky with Russians
Erruptin' rippin' production
Y'all are typical as political corruption
I'm literally disgusting as wounds scabbing and pussing
From blades stabbing and thrusting
The Hulk smashin' and crushin', I'm buggin'
How did y'all really expect me to feel?
When y'all are sweatin' Kendrick like he reinvented the wheel
Don't get it twisted it was ill, he definitely got skill
But y'all were remixing Control like it would get you a deal
Crazy gay, trying to get some shine this way
Is like bein' a solar panel on a rainy day
As valuable as naked photos of Macy Grey
Y'all are disrespectful pissin' in the place we pray

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