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(feat. Celph Titled, Lexicon)

Apathy, Celph Titled, Lexicon

Another cheap shot banger

(Code Name?) Ap
(How You Roll?) Acura
Your wack quips inferior
my interior is immaculate
rims spinnin' and glimmerin' in the sun
with an air freshener the scent of a cinnamon bun
got a girl in the passenger seat, a passionate freak
and while I'm passin' the jeep, I'm blastin' a beat
I told her put down that import tuner and face Ap
head to head in my lap like we was racin' a track

(Code Name) Celph
(How you roll?) Navigator
Aggravated assault, we spittin' laughin at you haters
find me out on the pacific coast
with fly Philippine mommies
9mm launch the shells behind me
highly civilized in a civic with chrome rims
opponents drop gems you get around in old Tims
in New York Celph Titled's like a sewer rat
push up on your girl 'till she's like "STOP DOIN' THAT!"

(Code Name?) Nick
(How you Roll?) A Saturn
With a cracked windshield that forms a pattern
So when the lights hit it, it looks just like ice
but the scratches on the side make the chicks look twice
I'm sittin on 14's, factory stock
watch me throw it in 5th and make the whole whip block rattle
shimmy and shake the shocks 'till they crack (it's whack)
but super-powered by the L on the back

(Code Name?) Oak
(How you roll?) In a Civic (How you livin'?)
So-so, my boy dinged the door but all's forgiven
plus my hubcap kinda looks absurd
from that time I was high, misjudged, and drove up on the curb
now I'm flippin' through the pages of an import tuner
gettin' jealous, lookin' at two things I need sooner
than later, now I'm droolin' so I grab a tissue
I need a new car and that honey from the May issue

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