One Of Those Days lyrics


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"You're mean, your dirty love"
"Like some - dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty love"

"One of those dayyyyys, just one of those days"
"Just one of those dayyyyys, JUST one of those dayyyyys"

It's like one of those days... yeah, yo

What the fuck's up? Attitude switch like the weather
Confrontation at one minute, the next minute better
Let her get her shit together, I ain't tryin to say nothin
Cause she obviously bleedin out her pussy or somethin
Real irrational, quick to pick fights all bitch-like
'Bout to kick her out the whip, make the bitch hitchhike (fuck outta here)
She flips like I should understand her pain
But she won't talk about it and she can't explain
There's two sides to her gettin it, the size of her bigger tits
But the downside is she cries over little shit
So fuckin sick of it, that gets ugly
And the yappin bugs me and it happens monthly
And I, know we about to clash
When I see them lil' tampon wrappers in the trash (uh-oh)
It's enough to make a man put a gun to his brains
I shouldn't have to explain, it's just one of those days

[Chorus: x2]
{"Just one of those dayyyyys, just one of those days"}
It's just one of them days
{"Just one of those dayyyyys, JUST one of those dayyyyys"}

You probably think I'm with another girl droppin her drawers
When I shop at the mall, so you're blockin your calls
You're so persistent, heard a girl's voice in the distance
No that ain't chickens, it's sales assistance
You're so suspicious, you know some bitches
Who sayin that they know me and know my business
Even if I tell you I'm a visit my mom
You think I'm trickin you and trickin on some chick in a thong
How long can this go on before I say "So long"
This whole shit's prolonged, I got a beep, hold on
You're flippin, sayin if I click over shit's over
I guess it's one of them days where you're fuckin insane
Cause you ain't really got nothin to say
At home with your imagination runnin away
Don't be surprised when you call if my number got changed
So think before you speak when it's one of them days


She's like, "Buy me this and buy me that! "
Think I got dough like I'm supplyin crack
Never comply with that, my reply to that
You better start lookin for another guy for that
Now I agree once in a while to make you smile
But 24/7 trickin just ain't my style
Repeats the same shit like a CD that skips
Tryin to beg for them chips, little greedy-ass bitch
Yeah I know how it sounds like Ap's so mad
But she only seems glad when I'm buyin her a bag
Little crab in the crib, tryin to play all sad
Sure I'll give you some money... for a cab
If we tryin to get ass then don't say this too quick
But never too fast to receive a few chips
They all about cash or lookin for new dicks
So it's just one of them days to find a new chick


"That dirty love" [x4]
"Dirty dirty dirty love"
"That dirty love" [x5]

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