The Game lyrics


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(feat. Vinnie Paz)

[Verse 1: Vinnie Paz]

I'm the American Taliban
I love my weaponary, it's from Japan

If I don't know you, don't converse with me just slap my hand
Or else your forcing me to cock it fucking back in blam
It ain't a loss to me, you soft as fucking bags of sand
I stay with the heavy metal like merciful fate
Until I see the separation of church and the state
They take advantage of dying lives and seldom
So fuck the liars and the lying liars who tell em'
And fuck everybody who say that I'm not on my dean(?)
And fuck the Catholics, supported the Nazi regime
I'm the reason that logic in the philosophers dream
And the reason that I deposit a shot in your splean
And while you worry about the second coming of your Jesus
There's a connection to vaccines and other diseases
They hurtful procedures and use the tools well
That's why they try to keep you from the water fuel cell
I feel like putting a gat to my dome
Cause they faggots and they liars like the Vatican throne
I bring the life into a track like I'm Lazarus Home
So never fuck around with me, I'm a statue of stone

[Verse 2: Apathy]
Digging rings by the moonlight
Walk through mud in new Nikes
Gonna raise my son by the way of the gun; and have him shoot right
Elevate the mental state and take him to new heights
It might not kill him if you drop him from two flights
Breaking down your molecules quicker than transporters
Decepticon, Kublai Khan, conquering transformers
The fourth-quarter quarterback
Got a quarter? Call the coroner and tell em' that
Ten gee's to get the corpses back
Heavy-metal, metamorphic, meditate to slay your tapes
Radical rythem with nuclear raps when it radiates
Fuck loading glock clips, Ap is on some cosmic shit
Aim Cape Canaveral at ya, shoot you with a rocket ship
Shock em' with a shotgun shell
I'm Johnny Rotten as hell
With big business like Sid Vicious on shit cell
You faggot back packers, rap on computers
Get Martey McFly, I'll send you back to the future

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