Speak Ya Clout lyrics


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(feat. Emilio Lopez, Ryu)

Demigod Scoundrel and my name is A.P. [x3]

Demigod Scoundrel
Last year, my record company was jumpin me

I wrote "Fuck You" to show they couldn't fuck with me
And I never got dropped but I needed to do something quick
So I'm packin up my bags and I'm jumpin ship
I write rhymes like a pimp, always gettin my dick licked
Bitches sweat my "notebook" more than that chick flick
I'm nice with the rhymes but I'm nicer with the ladies
Leaving "boxers" on the floor like Tyson in the 80s
I'm a D.E.M.I.G.O.D.
Add a Z on the end cause I brought my friends
I'm known to fist fight quick and rock bright white kicks
Steal the show from bigger acts with the white stripe shit
I'm a arrogant fuck that keeps tearin it up
My dicks so big ya chick think I'm wearin a cup
I never ever rock Bapes people think they so hot
Nikes are transformers, Bathing Apes are Go-Bots
But back to the label shit, they not doin nothin
And I'm sick of tellin fans I don't know when it's comin
They just put out Lupe, they sleepin on Saigon
Barely gave little brother love fuck it I'm gone

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