Baptism By Fire lyrics


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Yo, I'm layin' something down right now
You want me to hit you back soon as I get done? Alright one

"Get on up"

"Get into it"

Many moons ago before the boozin' hoes
Before you silly Earthlings confused my flows
Before crows took souls where the demons go
And God made life where the cement grows
I was raised in the east
Little felon in the streets
On a celly with a priest in the belly of the beast
In the telly with a freak, R. Kelly on her face
Before Biggie Smalls smeared jelly on his steaks
Whispered in your girl's ear till she came in her panties
Cause Ap raises hell like Damien's nanny
I ain't human anymore, a homosapien family
I'm a bionic rabid gorilla, grabbin' the skrilla
Rapid refiller, rapper killer, still the illest is Illmatic
Magic or voodoo spell caster
Bring you to Hell faster
Rock Star status
5 star hotel trasher
Devil in a blizzard
That makes snow melt faster

Back in the saddle, the pterodactyl is grabbin' the gavel
Flow stupid, still trooper in battle
I'm pullin' dimes with the fine waistlines
My lean is similar to Michael Jordan dunkin' baselines
You get the fibula?
E.S. and Ap throwin' bombs like Esiason
We turn heads like a violin
You cats die of sin
We die of nothing we're immortal
We're crypt keepers
Fate changers
Script readers
Throw up your dick beaters if you wanna clash with us
We hazardous
We a dyin' breed, this here's the last of us
You say you stack cake but you look real fake
Like 50 dollar papes in a strippers tit shape
Or a handshake from jake
Demigodz "Stay Real" like Erick Sermon cassette tapes
My Wally moccasins will stomp you out like Billy Costigan
And have you gaspin' for oxygen

[Emilio Lopez:]
Hate it or love it, I shine on the sheets
Take a quick trip, look inside the mind of a beast
Nice ever since I laid down the rhyme to the beat
And I'm never fallin' off like crime on the street
"I think it's time to retreat", said the fake motherfucker
And if they don't soon, I'm gonna make motherfuckers
I'm real cool
But honestly I hate motherfuckers
So I plan to leave 'em deep beneath the lake by the summer
MILF, either that or put the snake on your mother
Then duct tape her and bounce with a cake in a Hummer
I'm baked up, sittin' back, baggin' up Henny
Sippin', politician, stackin' money like the fuckin' lotto hittin'
Care less for media and fuck all the politicians
I'm on a mission, the clock is tickin' for competition
GPS satellites focused on opposition
Start a revolution with composition

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