Under Siege lyrics

Amon Amarth

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Outside these walls
An army awaits
But in these halls
We fell safe

Countless attacks
We have repelled
They won’t turn back
They cannot be quelled

Supplies are running low
Starvation now awaits
Reinforcements will not show
The day is much too late

Broken and weak
Never give in
Prospects are bleak
We can’t win

There is no hope
No time for lament
End of the rope
Our lives are spent

We have held out for months
Hoping for relief
Our fortress now our tomb
Ad salvation now our grief
We have held out for moths

Waiting for relief
Our fortunes now our own
This is destiny

Supplies are running low
Starvation now awaits
Reinforcement never showed
As the daylight starts to fade
There’s nothing left to lose
We have run out of time
There’s nothing left to chose
Expect how we shall die

Open the gates!
Now we attack!
Ride into fade!

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