Processional lyrics

Aha Gazelle

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Well, like all good things in due time
They must come to an Omega, no Que-Dog
We've soared high, and we'll continue to keep it in the family
Through carpools and elevators, we've remained supreme
And though the price went up, sometimes the mathematics won't add up to twentylevenhunnidmillion
We're no longer at Momma's house, and this is not another sauce song
So, now we turn our attention to Trilliam 3
No more facades, it's time to show your true colors, who you truly are
So for now on, when the enemy, yeah
When the enemy tries to intimidate you and tell ya', tell ya' what ya' not, tell ya' that you're something other than the good God created
You look him in the eyes
Oh yes, you look him in the eyes
Matter of fact, touch your neighbor
Touch your neighbor and tell em'
That's dead

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