One Two lyrics

Screwed up click for life Z-Ro tha crooked aka tha king of the ghetto but ya'll can call me rotha vandross this year yo ya digg
Anyway mayne I'm just out here tryna shake tha mothafucken potla fulla dolla out u nomtalkbout
Everyday allday havin knot small pay niga what

[Verse 1: Z-Ro]
Ha haaa... uhh I wake up early in tha evening around 5:30 or 6 my nextal phone beepin from all tha calls I miss
Brush my grill until it looks like what's around my wrist drop some kush in tha cigarillo and then give it a twist pull out
Black t-shirt baige dickie pants black house shoes can't forget my bandana to give them tha blues open up the safe and grab
Some papuh call foward and hit sportsclips and let em know I need anotha tapah call one up of tha smokuhs to wash my ride
Just like at tha carwash but he gon do it right outside I don't kick it with fellas I kick it with broads fellas act like females so why not
Kick it with a women from tha start my mind marinated full of liquor remember me in "tha who the (?) is thicka" but I'm on swangas
Today and everything is blue over gray look out houston tx Z-Ro is on his way I'm a let the top down

I'm a act one two... I'm a act just like a niga do (uh niga do)... I'm a act one two... I'm a act just like a niga do
Nigaaa... iiiiiiiim gon let tha top down even doe I'm on 4s I ain't swangin rather roll cruise control
As tha cigarillo bloows cell phone ringin traffic light chaangaan...

[Verse 2: Billy Cook]
Is a sunday screwd up day outside might as well pullout tha candy slab it's tyme to riiide (?) candy blue the purple rabbit for your eyeeez
And they think I'm slippn but I keep them pipes on my siiiide grippin woodgraain homie if ya love ya like I'm run upon me maaayne you damn right
I'm a legend in tha gaaame it's Billy Cook and that niga Joseph waaaayne yeah we except check and loose chaaaange cause tha ghetto is where we come from
Tha same place (?) bitches run from since tha beginning I had a fist for a hand but I turn it into winna ya'll hataz don't understand minimum wage niga not earing
Your hundred grand I can pay my own ways got my own money maayne b.I.l.l.y c.o.o.k a foreign car now I was in tha droppa yesterdaay


Just like big hawk my cup is full of something bubblaaying and I'm on the boulevard acting uggglay but I'm not swangin in n out of my lane speakin of my trunk and tha gorillas inside it just
Makin it bang if a jacka comes my way... I load my ak don't think I won't spray it's gon be yo last daay I work to damn hard for mine 24/7 on tha grind all you gon end up with is ahh hard tyme
From I-10 tha (?) tha 59 south to purchase stack of that limon lime then I'm out I'm bout to roll thru my homegirl house her man trippin cause he think I got her strippin but we just flippin and ain't no
Club hoppin even if tha club poppin I'm a dash neva even take my foot of tha gas headed to tha studio to drop a couple of songs when I'm finish we gon bound to continued to roooam and let tha top doooowwn

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