Jerkin Cant Die lyrics

Uhmm straight up shawty wanna kick it
Ice cream pussy so I might lick it
Came in da club I know she wanna play now
[Deep voice:] If she a model run it my way
Like YG said I'm a toot den boot it
Probably get her number and on purpose I'm a lose it
Yeah I'm young sam betcha already knew it
Tool time sex now she beggin me to screw it
Jus like nike a nigga might do it
Bitch I'm a beast I'm a dog no blue pit
Points go in go hard I'm sick hoe
Pogo type sex bounce on dick hoe
Straight up pause no
Flow so clean like a whole lotta soap
Jerkin can't die cause I keep it alive
[Deep voice:] Jer-Jerkin can't die cause I keep it alive
Big bamboos wait hold up
Ya'll like karma ya'll ain't got no luck
Flow so sick wen I rap I'm bout to throw up
Bad bitches all on my dick wen I show up
Like sam boy u nasty
Girls wanna wipe me down like I'm ashy
Said dat befo but it's koo I'm great
Summa time had to drop da hottest mixtape
Winta time I be on some koo shit
Neva in class butta nigga gettin brain lika skoo bitch
Gotcha girl wetta den a pool bitch
Sayin u da shit
Yeah nigga u r jus bull shit
Empty out a full clip all in her mouth
Neva been to atl but I'm goin down south
I'm a freak I love sex I love head
Pillow type flow wen ya'll rap I go to bed
Getta nigga sleepy niggas can't see me
Yes I'm onnn like tv
All from da top but not ready outa line
Cause my freestyles fine and I do it all da time
Shawty wanna chill witta rapper flow so sick
Ya'll would listen even if I played it backwards

Told ya'll would listen if I rapped backwards
Straight up I meant to say slower
Drug type flow everyday I'm gettin doper
Walk with a dip like yo boy not sober
Yeah I'm da shit she already told her
I'm da bomb like tick tock
Got bars mo time den a wrist watch
Uhhm I'm da bomb like tick tock
Got bars mo time den a wrist watch
Sex good but her brain like top notch
And dat nigga is a square no hopscotch

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