Throw It Up lyrics

[Gangsta Boo - Hook]
I see you bitches talking loud but you ain't saying shit
Get the fuck from round here, you don’t rep my shit
You ain't from my city, you don’t know about this
You don’t want that drama you ain't ready for it bitch
Now throw it up, (yeah hoe) throw it up (yeah hoe)
Throw it up (yeah hoe) throw it up
You ain't ready for it bitch, throw it up
(Yeah hoe) throw it up
You ain't ready for it bitch

I already got 2 cars on the yard that don’t run
So why would I wanna break shit down for you
Better be confused with the punchlines and bars that I launch
Here the king of archery come, with a cracker dick
The fuck you and that pussy carpet you munch
If I’m not hardly the one, you must be barely the one
Baby really, you kidding, bitch I’m the prodigal son
And I’m stuntin like my daddy
d-dr-d-drinkin’ like my mama
Country like my uncles, stuttering like a CD in a DONK bump bump bump
And I’m in a blue Chevy, running over muthafuckas in first
I ain't even shift gears yet, I ain't even here yet
I’m outta this earth, right (yeah hoe)
But I just hit the surface
And I’m bout to walk into a bank with a shank and black can of paint and check the clerk
Where the keys?
Bitch you better check your purse
I got a brick of herb and I hit this herb? and I’m feeling I might just hit the curb
So get the fuck outta my way, buddy you don’t wanna run around the chicken house with the heart of a puppy dog Yelawolf and Eminem, shiiit!
Suckering suckatash, yeah suck a dick bitch


[Gangsta Boo - Verse 2]
Bitch please you don’t wanna step up to this misses
G-A-N-G-S-T-A Boo, make a nigga hit his knees when
I’m up in the building, preaching to my children
I don’t be taking no shit from you haters
You make me hurt one of your feelings
hahahahaha, Na-nani-nah-nah
Pick ya face up off the floor, I got you feeling sad now
You be on that [?] is bullshit
Run into this gangsta have ya preacher at the pulpit
Bitch, I was born on the Mississippi river
Take no shit from a bitch or a nigga
So so crazy got a fucked up temper
Bi-polar, not Nicki I’m worser
I’ll hurt ya
I got a crazy ass mind game
My nigga, I’m a lion untamed
Hunt ya ass down in my jungle
I do this, I tell them hoes
You ain't ready for it bitch


[Eminem - Verse 3]
Me an’ Yelawolf tear the roof off this muthafucka
You ain't got the umph, you’re a hoof, to the foot of an elephant
Hello tuts you look so eloquent, it’s what I tell a cunt
Come sit up front cause you kicking my seat and I’m tryna tell the cashier what I want
They say I act like an asshole
When I pull up at the White Castle
And I ask for an application, throw it back in her face an’
Tell the bitch I’m a rapper, then I wack her in the head with a Whopper
That I bought from BK, you expect me to be proper?
Bitch you better pop in a CD of me immediately, SLUT, HOE
Skidda di da da. Prada? Nada chance
I was thinkin’ about buying you some clothes
But Target was closed so I decided to mosey on over to K-Mart
But the doors was, was locked, what about some shoes I thought
Great I suppose, so I go to Payless but what’dya know
They don’t carry a size 8 in HOES! Oh!
This is ugly boy swag, puttin’ toe tags on you muthafuckin’ hoe bags
What a trailer trash pioneer?
I am here, that’s why I’m here
I don’t got a rhyme book it’s more like a muthafuckin’ diary of diarrhea!
Me, Yelawolf and Gangsta Boo came here to show you a thing or two about sign language
Middle fingers aimed at you so we don’t gotta SCREAM AT YOU!
Oww! I just bit my bottom lip, it was an accident
I went to go tell ‘em all to go get BUCKED
But I’m not gonna bite my tongue, little bitch throw it up


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