Laughing In the Face of Love/So Cruel lyrics

And the day is dry
And there's no water

And you can't see the road ahead
You can only see her

Why is it love...
You're holding on to all you say, girl
Why don't you cry, don't turn away
Away, lonesome love

She's free, a woman, say
She hides behind you open
She looks at me...

She hides alone within, alone inside
She makes a mirror in, all around
All around, now
I'm only walking in her love

Girl that leave you, maybe woman
To turn you on and leave you on too high
We walk in love
We fall in love


Empty heart

To turn you on and leave you on too high
To high, anymore
Your dark and cluttered heart
And there's a quietness that comes to this house
Where nobody can sleep

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