Battleborne lyrics

There is fire in the air that I’m breathing
There is blood where the battle’s rage
These are faces I will not remember

Will I fight for the Queen or the Slave

A treacherous part to play with our heart of courage
Where the wind from the north bows the dragon
And the armies and legions have formed
We have camp for the night through the cover
Fading ghosts in the shadows of war

Battleborne, battleborne, battleborne, battleborne

Gone, all the villagers lead out to pasture
The black wing of death as their liege
Felt the ground; it was bare from the plunder
The soldiers that lie at my feet

The maidens were lost wading across an ocean
On a ship heading south to the mainland
I am standing in wake of the storm
I was raised by the Wolf and the Stallion
This sword was battleborne

Battleborne, battleborne, battleborne, battleborne

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Battlecry - 2015

Two Steps From Hell - Battlecry album cover
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Battlecry - 2015
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