Meadow Creek lyrics

What we gonna do with that, boy?

(Verse 1)
Fuck I lost my mind
I've been runnin' since a quarter eight
On the dirt road straight out the mo'
Flip the bird 'fore a nigga faint
Fuck, moms think a nigga strung on dope
Niggas thinkin' I can't
Sure you wanna know me?
Let me show your ass a little thing
Every time I walk in this bitch fresh
Feelin' my fur
For the fish you wanna own a nigga dick for the pistol
To esquire for the flint though
Your thoughts weren’t meant to rain
Gon' hit the weed, gon' head just cough little bit
Cum in her mouth
But the kid's loss, coulda been a good spouse

"Wake the fuck up baby Jack!"
Fuck, I was dreamin'
"Junior, get the fuck up!"
Fuck, I cummed on my boxers, fuck
"Get yo ass up boy!"
What the fuck they want? Fuck
"Baby Jack wake the fuck up!
Get yo ass downstairs!"
Shut up bitch, fuck
"Junior! Junior! Junior!
What the hell!?"
I gotta get the fuck out of here, fuck this

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