I Don't Wanna lyrics

Verse one:
I tore up the pictures,
All the memories of you,
'cause I don't wanna remember,
All the pain you're putting me through.
Here I go again,
Can't get you far from out of my mind.
So many times I cried,
I tried to put these things behind me.

I don't wanna think about you,
I don't even wanna spend no time around you,
And I can't function without you,
Every time I sit I'm thinking about you.
(repeat x2)

Verse two:
I keep telling myself I don't love you anymore,
But why am I fooling myself,
'cause this feeling is not too sure.
Everything I do just brings memories of us,
And I don't wanna think about you,
But I'm missing all of your love.

Repeat chorus

My heart's lonely,
I've been so depressed for weeks.
Can't get you off my mind, poor me,
Someone has took the joy from me.
(repeat x2)

Repeat chorus to fade

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