Confidential lyrics

(Neil Tennant & Chris Lowe)

You don't need to give me reasons

I understand
Something's are best kept secret

And you've done all you can
I want no recompense
Just as much as you can give of yourself
If that makes sense

I'll keep it, confidential
It's secret, confidential
It may come as some surprise
But I can stay secret from prying eyes
So don't worry, I'll keep it confidential
Between you and me

Go on tell me that you love me
Show me you dare
We may not venture out in public
At least I know, you care
It can't, be guaranteed
Just give me what you can of yourself
That's all I need


No one will know who I am
I think it's possible
Only to love
You play such silly games
But if everyone knew about us
I'd feel no shame


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