Tears lyrics
Thank You, BabyFor The Years You've Given MeFor Each Beat Of My HeartFor Every Breath I BreatheThank You, SweetieFor The Best Times Of My LifeThrough The Good, Through The BadYou Were Always By My SideI Never Thought I Meet SomeoneWho Loves UnselfishlyBut I Appreciate The Way You LovedAnd Sacrificed For MeChorusI Can't Hold Back These TearsLet Me Cry(Although A Man's Not Suppose To Cry)If I Hold Back My TearsI'll Just Die(You've Given So Much To My Life)Thank You, LadyFor The Joy You Bring To LifeWhen I Thought All Was Lost And GoneYou Brought Hope Back In SightThank You, HoneyFor Being My Best FriendWhen I Thought No One UnderstoodYou Would Always UnderstandI Used To Think That I Knew LoveAnd What True Love Should MeanNow I Know That I Did Not Know Much'Cause You Taught Me EverythingChorusGod So Loved The WorldThat He Blessed Us All With YouAnd Then He Gave Me A HeartNow I'm Giving It To YouAnd These Tears I Cry Are Tears Of JoyMy Happiness, I Do RejoiceIn The Love You Give UnselfishlyYour Constant Sacrifice For MeChorus

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