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I'm a collector, I collect anything I find,
I never throw anything away that's mine.
And I'd collect you too, if I was given half a chance
and trap you under the glass and add my autograph.

I catalog, I preserve and I index
and I file you into my collectable Rolodex.
I keep the rubbish what other people give away
and keep all of the pieces in a metal tray.


I'm a collector, and I've always been misunderstood.
I love the things that people always seem to overlook.
I gather up and catalog it in a book I wrote,
there's so much now that I forget if I don't make a note.

If I collected you and put you in a little cage,
I could take you out and study you every day.
It isn't easy being me, it's kind of lonely work,
my obligation to collecting is my only thirst.

(Grazie a Amalia Cicala per questo testo)

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