The Last Honest Man lyrics

A crowd came in and sat down
Then a man began to yell
About savin' souls to heaven
And for the sinner, there was hell
But later on that night
In a hotel room down the road
He kept his meeting for a cat-o-nine beating
From a leather-clad man named moe

An honest man
We're looking for the last honest man
An honest man
We're looking for (keep searchin' for) the last honest man

There's a man who moves the masses
On a big-city radio dial
He shouts and screams at all he's seen
Runs a talk show like a trial
And there's a bartender keepin' secrets
About a boxer that took a dive
And in an office way uptown, a deal is goin' down
That could get somebody four to five

Chorus repeat x2

Now we'll keep looking high and low
And we'll keep searching 'round
Is everybody, everyone
Dishonest in this town?
Well, they'll stab you in the back
You get a handshake and a smile
But if one don't get ya, the other one will
And ya gotta walk that mile, lookin' for

Chorus repeat x3

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