Houdini lyrics
Warm nights, and cold sweats Ima kill a mic, you can place a bet From a penthouse roof, I broke through

Did some soul searching in music I found you And maybe I need help, mistakes don't happen two times

I always had drive, that's why I got two rides
Blunt ash on the dash near is pikachu
Only fear is god and that's why we not fearing you
Real recognize real, we ain't seeing you
We VIP, ya'll on - line Phoenix U
After a couple drinks, like 3 or 2
I don't wanna do the shit that I need to do
Houdini had his tricks and his mask
Strippers got their tips and their ass
And I just write songs that put my life on blast
Man, I hope that ya'll believe me
I hate that ya'll can see me, I just wanna disappear, hey hey

And I just wanna disappear

Cold nights, I'm lukewarm
A lotta hype, like two songs
That's pressure like Alesso, its stressful
But fuck it man, I can't do wrong
Look I need somebody to talk to
FAQ of life, then give me a walkthrough
Music's my heart, when its hurt, I call you
When my backbone, foundation'll fall through
so bring some liquor here, I wanna disappear
I wanna tell god I don't know what the fuck to do
My problems they haunt me so I then just splurge off
So ill go from barneys, to tom ford, to bergdorf
My ex girls, they cheated, I swear that's theyre loss
They saying they pack heat, but baby that's airsoft
Minnie, I wish you were here now
That's why I wanna just disappear now, I wanna disappear
hey hey
I just wanna disappear

[Raise up to your ability]
Man who made you the boss?
Im trying to have cameras flash when I walk through
I guess to win some, you just gotta take a loss, or two

[Raise up to your abilitiy]
Looking down from the penthouse, elitist roots
And I was smoking and I ordered like a drink or two
Trying to do more than simply what's feasible

[Raise up to your ability]
We all scared of our potential
Wanna move my mom to somewhere residential
Gotta keep in mind what really remains essential

[Raise up to your ability]
And I just love making music
Ill quit when it's a bitch man gotta remain fluid
changing this whole game, im the one to do it

Penthouse Music x4

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