Not Coming Home lyrics

I've been, I've been away so long
And I am, I am feeling alone
The sun doesn't shine down on my home

So don't wait up, I won't be comin' home

Oh, oh, oh, comin' home
Oh, oh, oh oh
Comin' home (oh, oh, oh)
Comin' home

I do, I do still remember that house
The joy it had and the warmth it lost
And I know, I know those times are done
The house it was is long, long gone

Oh, oh, oh, long gone
Oh, oh, oh
Ain't comin' home (oh, oh, oh)
Ain't comin' home
This life I live in don't feel nothin' like home (x4)

Oh oh oh oh (home, home, home)
Woah oh oh oh (home, home, home)
Ain't comin' home (home, home, home)
Ain't coming home

And I've been, I've been away so long
This life I live is not my home.

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