Girl Samurai Lullaby lyrics

[Chorus: Dionna Nichelle] Silly little girl, in a men's world, wish I could fly Dilly lilly pearl, caught up in a twirl, of a butterfly Ladadadadi, ladadadada, wish I could fly Silly little girl, caught up in this world, of lullaby

[Rah Digga] See when the, mics go on, the lights go on It's like Muhammad Ali, and Tyson sparring I take a, stab at you, a jab at you I do 'em, Carrey style, I make 'em laught at you Try me, ain't nothing worse than a little defeat From trying to weak a sleeping giant that ain't even asleep I'm not your ordinary shorty, I be bobbing and weaving Don't even give me no excuses, just to knock a few teeth in Bust a shot like it's semen, you do not want to see it Have you in predicaments, you do not wanna be in The last man to try, the last man to die Wiggle my toes, then turn to the last samurai Move, who not to scare to die, we runnin' wit our spears To the sky, screaming Bis Mi Allah So please be advised, cuz she's gonna light up the trails Better listen to them old wise tales


[Rah Digga] Without warning, shit could get real appaling And invalid, don't even know what to call it S.I.O., or you could call me bad business Talking eyes, while your boys in the hood, down to menace The skull smasher, basher, chicken head mangler Then use you as a tool for my misplaced anger The dude ripper, cuz they don't even see me come out I blind side 'em, 'fore they can even get they guns out Now who next to try, who next to die What you call fighting for your life, I call exercise Huh, coming through, looking like Lucy Liu Whipping shanks out, running down the block, WHOODI-WHO Ooh, you acting all intusive, we rolling kinda deep Up in this piece, now don't be foolish Don't make a sister lose it, that would not be condusive But wouldn't be the first time people die, for something stupid, stupid


[Outro: Rah Digga] Here we go, baby, it's Dirty Harriet Digga digga ya'll

(Merci à M£NPH!$ pour cettes paroles)

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