My Own Planet lyrics

Dear Hip Hop,
I thought Hip-Hop was supposed to be a means of poetically expressing yourself
But it seems these days you'd say anything to get your CD's off the shelf
Hard times I'm still compelled to move
but I swear to you it's that old school grove that's playing above the lyrics,
because if the music wasn't there, I definitely wouldn't hear it.

[Verse 1]
Right of the rip, nobody could fuck with me
I'm out of space, mind and body
My soul and so on (so on)
Mami I'm fly is an understatement
Come to greatness

I'm on my own planet.
I'll do my own thing.
Then turn around and pat myself on the back (for doing good).
I don't need nobody else.
I'm gonna do it by myself.
Say what you wanna say but stick to the facts, it's all good

[Verse 2]
Right of the rip nobody is quite like me.
You gonna need a NASA spacecraft to sight me.
If you don't like me, bite me.
I could give a fuck, less fightin excites me.
Leanin on the moon with a patron fifth playin my own shit.
And I sound terrific.
I'm not cocky, I'm beyond that.
It's time to start another hobby, I'm beyond rap.
Run and tell your baby daddy and your son Ray
I'm hot, I sunbathe on the sun babe
I'm the one on the one way
Hands and pretty long legs from the runway
My nigga Notty is a genius
You gonna need a ladder just to climb on my penis
Got two words for the rap game:
Fuck y'all


[Verse 3]
Right off the rip, you thought it was a rap for me
Didn't you? Go ahead and admit it hater
Cold as ice I'm a living refrigerator.
The reason hip-hop's breathin the defibrillator
I did a bid just for drunk drivin
It'll never happen again cuz now I'm drunk flyin
I'm an innovator
When I say I'm on Venus I don't mean that I'm datin a tennis player
I'm on Saturn where you don't matter.
Alone, I'm past the zone where your phone scatters.
Hello? Can you hear me now you?
You don't got a fuckin choice.
Elbowed my way into everybody's conversations
With rhymin, timin, and patience
Now I'm in space bitch
I use to have to be on some watch what I say shit
But now you gotta TAKE IT!!

[Chorus x2]

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