Love And War lyrics

All is fair in love and we're in love
Now that everybody's dead we can finally talk
can vanity and happiness co-exist?
All the lovers we've taken in direct view of the enemy
And we shift each others body to accept the bullet
And continue the pleasure, the treasures of battle
Its only for the for the wounded and purple hearted
Why must you try to ruin my peace of mind
And they were only words and I never meant them
I never loved you even in my weakness you were fuel for the fire cannon fodder
When my grampa drank, fell and broke his face in two
When the cops arrived he exclaimed i fought in world war two
And then they carried him to a darkened hospital room
And said no modern person here remembers you
And we can't identify the enemy
And it could be you so it won't cost you
It only cost me my wife and my job now what
Then my mom and I went to identify the body
and I wanted to see it but she wouldn't let me
I had to wait for the military cemetary
And when we got there, this is what she said to me
Love and war in heaven and in hell
You get what you deserve you better spend it well
All is fair in love and war and love
Civil world like this it always sells itself

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